10 Top Places to Hike in the UK

You’d better make sure you have a sturdy pair of boots. Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the 10 top places to hike in the UK. For this list, we’re looking at the best walking and hiking routes trails and mountains in the British

Number 10: The Coniston Round

10 Top Places to Hike in the UK

This route is as scenic as it is easy. It’s perfect for groups looking for a day out or for people who aren’t avid Ramblers. It’ll take you in a circle throughout the Coniston fells beginning in the picturesque northern village of Coniston.

You’ll go past the old man of Coniston a 2,600 foot tall fell and then go up to grey friar the most remote peak in the whole region after that it’s back down to Dowe crag a sheer fell popular with rock climbers and ultimately finishing in the village again all in all the journey takes about eight hours to complete.

Number 9: Ma’am Tour

Top Places to Hike in the UK

The Peak District has no shortage of mountains and Hills and mom tore. Its name meaning mother Hill is a favorite there for people to climb and explore the eastern side of the mountain. That has a now slow-moving active landslide which has been ongoing for thousands of years sometimes leading to road closures.

But there’s a lot to see in this district and if you’re looking for a great walk you’ll be able to explore the great Ridge a popular walking spot this separates two valleys and if you hike up the views from Man zoa’s Peak are famous as you’ll be able to take in the neighboring White Peak made mostly of limestone and the dark peak made primarily of sandstone.

Number 8: Mount Snowdon Wales


Undoubtedly Wales’s most famous Natural Landmark. Mount Snowdon is the tallest peak in Wales and one of the most popular in the whole United Kingdom. While some mounting Snowden can be a way to test your mettle and prepare you for the larger mountains in Scotland.

It doesn’t have to be argued as at all to reach the limits. There are six different walking routes you can use if you’re a beginner. You’ll want to use the slam Barriss path. While being the longest is also the easiest with the smoother slopes.

Although if you really don’t want to walk there’s a narrow railway line leading all the way up it’s at the top. Snowden is the highest mountain in England Wales and there are six main paths up to the summit.

Number 7: West Highland Way Scotland

West Highland Way Scotland

The famous Highlands. This walk-in one section of the region is Scotland’s first long-distance trail a 96 mile of the route that will take you along dedicated week to complete. So it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. It begins just north of Glasgow extending across many of Scotland’s I’llents and finally ending at Fort William.

You can visit the trails individual sections separately if you don’t have a whole week to spare exploring it but equally, if you’re able there are ultra marathons running. The full length of the route and if you seriously want to prove yourself the route ends at the foot of  Ben Nevis the UK’s tallest mountain.

So you can go the distance and scale that as well. IF you go there I will guarantee that you will enjoy all your days but make sure you have checked the weather before going there.

Number 6: South Foreland Lighthouse

South Foreland Lighthouse

This is no long hike but a wonderful walk that will take you along Britain’s famous White Cliffs of Dover on the south coast. Though you might not want to go too close to the edges of these chalk monuments. The South foreland walk will take you near enough to see all the way across the English Channel to France provided the weather is nice here.

You can also see the eponymous lighthouse which was built in 1843 as well as explore various museums showcasing the area’s importance during World War II. Just off the walk is a vast network of tunnels once used as a radio command center for the history buff in you ramble underground.

Number 5: The Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula Mountain

The British mainland southernmost point is at the foot of Cornwall a picturesque. The region with turquoise seas and golden beaches. While there are many areas to walk around here. The southwest coast path allows you to explore the whole of the southerly lizard Peninsula and what a great name.

You can see plenty of beautiful fishing villages isolated coves and sandy shores being so far self also means the area is just a wee bit warmer than the rest of the UK. So if you don’t like wind rain and fog and want to bask in the sunlight Cornwall is your best bet.

Number 4: Whales England

Whales England
If Mount Snowdon sounds somewhat too easy for you then you might want to give the even harder try fan a try. Although since they’re both in Snowdonia you could easily hit them both up and see which you prefer if you’re in this area of Wales and really one’s a challenge.

Then the rocky slopes are trying fern might be perfect for you be warned though. While it’s a beautiful place to go it’s not inexperienced and you’d do well to invest in the proper equipment. If you want to scale it, of course, you can always stay in some of the pretty Welsh villages and look at try fern from a distance.

Number 3: Causeway Coast Way Northern Island

Causeway Coast Way

Let’s move over to the northern island. The country’s smallish coast has a trail that runs for 33 miles of seaside. It’s not a difficult track and will take you past northern islands most famous features these landmarks include the ruins of Dunluce castle.

A cliffside medieval castle dating back to the 13th century as well as the instantly recognizable Giant’s Causeway a unique geological feature the Giant’s Causeway was created at least 15 million years ago during a volcanic eruption back. When they still had volcanoes in Britain and it also hosts a wide variety of wildlife a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without visiting it.

Number 2: Hadrian’s Wall Path England

Hadrians Wall Path England

The coast-to-coast walk across the England Scotland border has been renowned for years as one of the best long-distance trails in the UK spanning. The length of Hadrian’s Wall built by the Roman Emperor in 122 AD to separate the two nations.

The trail is 84 miles long it takes you six days to hike the whole length. Though there are many points along. The wall where you can stop. If you’re not up for a week of walking the trail features many more ruins dating back to Roman Britain. So if you’re interested in ancient history paid means wall needs to be added to your bucket list.

Number 1: Helvellyn England

Helvellyn Mountain England

This has the moniker England’s most popular mountain for a reason. Helvellyn is only the third highest peak in England but is considered a much easier ascent relatively of course than the other mountains in the country. So don’t worry if you aren’t the most highly seasoned Mountaineer but it can get tricky.

It’s located in the beautiful lake district celebrated as we’ve seen with Coniston Ilya as one of the most scenic regions of the UK. There are plenty of different routes to reach the pink which has a flat summit allowing for panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and countryside.

Now get out there and get inspired. I hope you also want to visit these amazing and beautiful places for hikes. But make sure you have all the equipment for this. Like Hiking Boots.

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